Applications of short-pulsed mid-infrared lasers

minimally invasive surgery

Medical - Dental - Aesthetics

Research regarding minimally invasive surgery shows that well-tailored mid-infrared laser pulses can remove tissue on single cell scale with the least amount of collateral damage, high efficiency, and virtually no scar formation.

Glucoloop laser systems achieve these results by delivering such pulses that directly excite the O-H bonds within a time span where thermal diffusion does not yet occur. Our lasers systems are reliable, efficient and exhibit a high ease of use and integration.

Mid-infrared supercontinuum generation from Glucoloop AG


Emitting high-energy and short pulses in the fingerprint wavelength region of molecular absorption, Glucoloop’s laser systems facilitate remote sensing of gases with long range, high speed and precision.

Mid-infrared supercontinuum generation enables environmental sensing and broadband molecular spectroscopy via gas absorption lines and other molecular signatures.

With Glucoloop’s laser systems reliable mid-infrared supercontinua can be generated in a simple way.


Material processing / modification / analysis

The strong and characteristic absorption of some materials in the mid-infrared region can be exploited for material processing or for selectively removing materials from films.

Furthermore, the short pulses of Glucoloop’s lasers enable modification by multi-photon absorption within the volume of semiconductors with small bandgaps.

This enables post growth modification of medium bandgap energy semiconductor structures, e.g. trimming of silicon photonic integrated circuits.

If tissue is removed with a nanosecond high-energy mid-infrared laser with proper parameters, intact proteins are expelled in the plume. This plume can be directly used for high-resolution mass spectroscopy turning the laser into a smart scalpel.

Supercontinuum generation


Glucoloop laser systems can be used for a wide range of scientific applications. While the possibilities are vast, some examples include supercontinuum generation, OPO pumping, and time-resolved mid-IR spectroscopy.